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    Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
    8:59 pm
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    Friday, December 28th, 2018
    6:34 pm

    NAME: Aimee
    DISCORD: pandamee#9161
    AVAILABILITY: varies but generally evenings and latenights


    NAME: Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt (Most of the series the character goes by Pidge)
    JOURNAL: mutinouscomment
    PLAYED BY(please try to keep the PB ethnically appropriate):Dakota Blue Richards
    FANDOM:Voltron: Legendary Defenders
    CANON POINT: Post series


    WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS WITH THIS CHARACTER IN GAME? Get to be a normal teenager who's not fighting a war against aliens. Hack everyone who the players give me permission to. Adventures with Green when redeemed. Being an amazing nerd every way possible. And you know being smarter than is good for them.


    IN GAME HISTORY: Overachievement is a trait that runs in the Holt family and the youngest, Katie, wasn't immune from it. Earliest memories all revolved around attempts to outshine the older Holt child - Matt. Who despite their competitive relationship were really close and supportive. It wasn't so much wanting to surpass each other but wanting to push each other to be the best, to reach that next level in whatever they were doing. And their father supported this as much as he could between his expeditions for the military and private organizations. A career path that Matt followed into when he finished his schooling and Katie had every intention of going into as well.

    Well at least that was the plan until about 3 years ago when what should have been a simple, normal trip somehow went horribly wrong and the Holt men were lost and Katie and Mrs. Holt were essentially frozen out of everything by the people the men had been working with and for. People that Katie had grown up thinking of like family because of just how often they were around. And how close they seemed to be with the older Holt man. Katie tried to find out, even going so far as to try and hack into the military files regarding that last trip and while there wasn't time to look at everything before being caught, Katie saw enough to realize that it hadn't been at all what they'd been told following the disappearance.

    The only thing that kept Katie out of jail was being a minor and the last shred of goodwill the military seemed to feel in regards to the family. But Mrs. Holt didn't want to take any chances of Katie repeating the actions so after a few phone calls it was decided that Katie would be sent to live with a friend in California and get a fresh start there while Mrs. Holt wrapped things up back in Virginia and eventually moved out herself. Katie took advantage of the move as a chance to reinvent, to become someone else but with a nod to Matt in using the nickname he'd always used for his younger sibling - Pidge.

    Things didn't work out all that well with the family friend and after a couple of weeks Pidge moved out, telling Mrs. Holt that a friend from the online games they'd been playing off for years had offered up their spare room and their parents had okayed it and Pidge wanted to move in with them because there was someone to talk to and it would give some distance from the constant reminders of their missing relatives. In actuality - Pidge moved out to squat in an abandoned house and started doing some small time hacking jobs to make money until being able to afford an apartment. Which with some forged emancipation documents and bank statements to make it look like Pidge had a steady income from a legitimate company, Pidge was able to rent and from there enrolled in online home school to get away from bullying in classrooms (and people touching the computer and phone that Pidge had cobbled together out of spare parts in free time at night). And also going to online home school gives Pidge more freedom with time and makes it possible for more hacking into databases to find information about Matt and their Dad, satellites, anything that can help track them down. Pidge isn't willing to give up and just accept the official story that they're dead. When the bodies are found - that's when Pidge will believe it. But until then? Nothing is off limits in the search to find them and bring them home. And if a few laws have to be broken, a few systems have to be hacked to find the information needed to bring them back? That's something that will just have to be done.


    So the school thinks I need to interact with people more for socialising or something and won't take my online gaming for that anymore so here I am. And I just have a couple questions after looking back through the past six months of posts on here: has the water been tested to make sure that nothing is being slipped into it to make everyone experience hallucinations? Has there been any sort of study undertaken to see if there's any long term damage to the human mind from whatever is causing everyone to believe they're dreaming of some other life or universe or whatever you want to call it?
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